Monday, September 28, 2015

Making Your Home Safe for Your Pets

Most homes with children know to keep hazardous chemicals, cleaners, and medication out of the reach of children, but these precautions should also be taken in homes with pets. There are many household items that can be dangerous for pets if ingested. These are a few of the things to look for in your home.

- Lawn and garden pesticides
- Flea and tick products
- Insecticidal aerosols
- Shampoos
- Cleaning products
- Rat and mouse poison
- Tobacco products
- Aspirin and other pain relievers
- Garbage

How do you properly protect your pets from these hazards? Do not leave containers with these types of items where your curious pet can find them. Any spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible, including the outside of the container. Lids should be tightly closed and stored out of reach. Garbage cans should be covered tightly and secured to prevent tipping.

If you have sprayed your lawn with chemicals, do not let your pet on the grass until the recommended drying period has passed. If your pet does come in contact with the chemicals, wash his or her feet with mild soap and water. 

Pets should also not be allowed in vegetable or flower gardens or in compost piles. Some plants are toxic to animals if nibbled on. Compost piles can contain bacterial toxins that are harmful to animals. 

Rat and mouse poison can be harmful or even deadly if a cat ingests the dying or dead rodent. Take care when using these types of poisons to ensure that your cat does not consume a poisoned rat or mouse.

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